Best Camper For Single Moms

Best Camper For Single Moms

Traveling or living in a single-mom campervan with kids is a unique and fast track to spend quality time together, building strong bonds, and exploring the great outdoors. Moreover, it also offers immense educational opportunities for children to learn about the outside world, experience new things and activities and challenge themselves in multiple ways. If you’re wondering what is the best camper for single moms then this guide will help you to learn some amazing options. Traveling alone as a solo mother can be a challenging experience however buying a furnished motorhome will make it more safe and comfortable for you. Single women irrespective of whether they are traveling alone or with kids can access a lot of features and amenities that can make it a comfortable journey for them. When you are planning and researching about perfect small campers you have unlimited options such as travel trailers, camper vans, truck bed campers, off-road trailers, teardrops, and many more.

Things Single Moms Should Consider For Their Family Camper Van

One of the essential factors which single moms need to decide while selecting the family campervan layout is the number of people who will be sleeping in the camper van. Irrespective of whether you will be living in it part-time for full time or on vacations, you need adequate beds for your kids as well as for the adults. As it will become your home during the trip or on the road it is important to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable, especially in their sleeping space. As cramming together in a single bed is not an ideal solution in the long run you should make sure that everyone is comfortable in the family van. Another important thing to consider is the seat belt. Single moms need to make sure that the seat belt that they’re installing can perform their job well in case of an accident. It is important to leave room for safety-approved seating.

Consider the age of your children as it will determine the type of bed that you need in your campervan as well as the potential safety mechanism and level of privacy in place. As the living quarters are tied, therefore privacy will not come easily in a van and this can be a concern for the children as well as for the parent. Also, consider the age of the children as the campervan plan with your toddler might not work the same if your kids are a bit older. Rooftop tents are a good way to embed beds however they might not be suitable if you are parked in a location that allows camping such as public lands and campgrounds. Consider where you are wishing to use your campervan. For instance, if you are living in Florida or the Southwest then you need to prioritize a unit that comes with air conditioning. On the other hand, if you’re located in the Pacific Northwest then the heater will be a big priority.

Best Camper For Single Moms

Traveling or living in a van with children is one of the most enriching and unique experiences for single mothers however you need to ensure whether it will work in your case. Sometimes families face challenges that they need to overcome however van life families will never regret it as they get along with each other and make new memories with each passing day. Single moms who want to enjoy van life with their kids can consider the following options.

1. Scout Campers Kenai

Single moms who are looking for a camper van that can accommodate a family of two to four members will find this trailer to be the right option because it is lightweight. There are good bed arrangements, an optional rooftop tent, queen size bed over the camp, and a convertible dinette. The starting price of the camper is around $24,900 with a base weight of 1370 lbs and if it is fully loaded with a rooftop tent, fridge, jacks, and awning then the base weight is around 1908 lbs. Scout Campers Kenai offers the perfect balance between functionality and comfort while providing a minimalist design and comparatively small size. It gives you features that you require without sacrificing weight with the help of simple systems instead of making complex behavioral choices. The dinette is best suited for little ones and your children will surely love it. With optional indoor and outdoor cooktops, reinforced aluminum framing, hanging storage bags, and many more options it is a great option for single moms. All the features make it a perfect option which comes at an affordable price however it does not have a heater for cold winter nights and there is also no option for air conditioning. You can open the windows or turn on the small fan if you need to cool yourself during the summer days.

2. Opus OP15

Single mothers looking for rugged and luxurious features in their campervan find Opus OP15 to be an ideal option. This campervan is full of unique features which help in making their adventure unique and comfortable. Moreover, the camper also has adequate space and can fit a minimum family of four members. The length of the bed arrangements is 257″ in travel mode and 280″ in camp mode. The base weight is 496 lbs and the starting price is around $53,000. This camper van has beautiful interiors which you can see in an off-road camper. The curtains are placed in such a way that provides a good touch of a bit of privacy with solid bamboo drawers that offer plenty of storage. The roof pop-ups at camp mode offer extra room and ventilation. However, the only drawback is that it is not a cheap camper trailer and its unique features and design make it a bit costly. It is also heavier at its base height and you need to stay under 5000 lbs including your gear which may not be a good option for all. There is a lack of an indoor kitchen and heater in the camper trailer. If you’re looking for adventures in snow storms during the winter trip then you need to go for an option that includes the ability to cook indoors and comes with a heater.

3. 2023 Coachmen Nova 20C

Single moms looking for a cozy camper should not look further than this option. This is a Class B motorhome which is a bit pricier and the retail cost is around $140,000 however it is worth it because of its impressive amenities and features such as lay flat power sofa, 7.4 cubic foot refrigerator, jump seats accompanied with a table and a convenient wet bath. This camper is made to handle bumpy roads because of its sturdiness and has a powerful engine. Some of its treasured characteristics are the 34-inch Smart TV, 13,500 BTU air conditioner, expansive pullout pantry, and shower riser water saver system.

4. Taxa Outdoors Cricket

This is a lightweight travel trailer having a base weight of 1753 pounds with amazing and sweet features such as a 5000 BTU air conditioner and a two-burner stove. There are better arrangements to accommodate a family of four members with a starting price of $29,000. This is a small camper trailer that is constructed with a rugged design to make your adventures memorable. The pop-up roof design has extra ventilation and height. The optional berths for children enable additional sleeping space with a lighter weight and a smaller footprint. The best thing about this model is that it is a lightweight camper trailer and can be towed with any vehicle, however, you need to take the weight of the gear and your family members into account. The optional berths can be amazing for little children however they can be a challenge for your kids if they have a length of 60 inches and weight capacity of 130 lbs.

5. Boreas EOS-12 Camper Trailer

Assembled in the state of Colorado this camper trailer is a good choice for single mothers because of its rugged features and lightweight nature and a family of four to five members can easily accommodate into this camper trailer. The bed arrangement includes convertible dynamite from a queen bed and an optional fold-down bunk. The base weight is around 3500 lbs with a starting price of $74,990. When it comes to cooking, taking care of children, and staying clean, Boreas EOS-12 Camper Trailer is equipped fully with all the features that one requires. For instance, it comes with 25 gallons of gray water, a 50-gallon capacity of fresh water, an indoor wet bath, a water filtration system, and shower room options. This camper trailer is capable of 20 inches of clearance for off-road capability, independent suspension, all-terrain tires, and many more rugged features. It is one of the most expensive small RV’s and the starting price is around $75,000.

6. Timberleaf Travel Trailers – The Classic

This camper trailer has a truly classic design with plenty of features and options for single moms and their children. The base weight is around 1500 lbs and the sleeping arrangement is for two family members. Timberleaf has options for customization and enables you to choose the color of your camper trailer, and countertop design and also includes options like additional shelving, off-road options, fans, heaters, awnings, and many more. Timberleaf trailers enable you to add a rooftop rack however there isn’t any standard option for adding a rooftop tent. The starting price for classic trailers is around $23,400 while fully loaded trailers come for $38,000.

7. Airstream Basecamp 20X

The Basecamp 20 is a solid trailer camper that takes you anywhere you want to go. It comes with the features and ability to upgrade to Basecamp 20X. As it includes the additional X package you get rugged features that can truly get you off the beaten path such as stainless steel rock guards, all-terrain tires, a 3-a-inch lift kit, incredible windows, and the ability to add an optional attachable tent. Even though Airstreams have a unique shape and the Basecamp 20X makes it a good option, the beds are a bit oddly shaped. This is also not the cheapest RV and the starting price is around $48,300 for Basecamp 20X while the standard Basecamp 20 will help you in saving for about $7000.


A big perk of traveling or living in a camper van as a single mom is that you get opportunities to bond with your children outside. Having effective communication is the key to success and a happy trip. You need to have open conversations with your children about the decisions you make. If your kids are old enough then you can take their opinions or chat with your friends if they wish to come along. A lot of single mothers choose a small camper van as it is easier to maneuver, maintain, and lightweight. Also the bigger the campervan the more gas it will take to travel. The reality is that no matter which campervan you choose you need to make some compromises similar to purchasing a car or house and you are unlikely to find one which matches all items on your wish list. Therefore setting your priorities is important and look for options that you need the most.

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