Single Mom Homeschooling In Nyc

Single Mom Homeschooling In NYC

Homeschooling has become a common and popular choice for parents In New York City, with more than 15,000 students taking home education in 2022. New York City is commonly known as a highly regulated state regarding homeschool laws. As long as you are aware of the requirements of New York State regarding homeschooling education, you can successfully homeschool your kids in this state. There are endless single-mom homeschooling resources in New York City that support their child’s education.

How Can I Homeschool My Child As A Single Mom In New York City?

Filling out a letter of intent and mailing it to the NYC Department of Education is the first and foremost step. Homeschooling single mothers in New York City must submit a letter of intent to the NYC DOE Homeschooling Office. In the next step, they have to submit an IHIP or Individualized Home Instruction Plan and also choose a homeschool curriculum set by the education department, and also make sure that the curriculum meets the standard requirements of the New York state. Homeschooling in New York must be done 180 days a year. You can homeschool your child in New York for a minimum of 900 hours if your child is in grade between K-6th or 990 hours if your child is in grade between 7th to 12th. Homeschooling single moms also have to provide annual assessments to the Director of the central homeschooling office.

Once you complete all the steps, you can start your homeschooling journey as a single mother. There are no mandatory subject requirements in New York City regarding homeschooling laws. Even though homeschool portfolios are not mandatory according to NYC homeschool laws, however, many homeschooling single mothers find it helpful to create a homeschool portfolio to track the academic progress of their children. Once you learn the basics about homeschooling in New York City, you can enjoy the countless benefits of it.

Single Mom Homeschooling In NYC: Different Resources

With its uniqueness and richness of family programs,  museums, playgrounds, architecture, and concerts, New York City is one of the best classrooms for children in the world. Following are the top resources that can help you to get started on your single mother homeschooling journey.

1. NYC DOE Office Of Homeschooling

The NYC Department of Education’s Office Of Homeschooling is the first step for every single mother homeschooling family. The Office Of Home Schooling requires Homeschooling families to submit a statement of intent about homeschooling their children. The letter of intent can be submitted through e-mail or in person. If you cannot reach anyone by phone at the office or homeschooling, you can go in person to drop off your IHIP. After submitting your letter of intent, the Department of Education will send you paperwork like documents for IHIP or Individualized Home Instruction Plan, where you have to explain what you want to teach and other resources you have planned to use for instruction. You will also be required to submit four quarterly reports about the home instruction plan that you have completed successfully.

2. Fearless Homeschooling Workshops

The prospect of making a year-long home instruction and educational plan for your children can be daunting for you when you have to meet all the bureaucratic and administrative requirements of NYC DOE. Fearless Homeschooling Workshops is a vital resource that homeschooling single mothers can use to make the process easy. The Fearless Homeschooling Workshops by Joanna Allen Lodin offers a whole filing series and helps single mothers to understand the homeschooling process, paperwork tips and tricks, how to file homeschooling documents, and keep up with the homeschooling regulations. The Fearless Homeschooling Workshop is committed to homeschooling every year and has offered to coach and mentor health consulting services to homeschooling families for a long time.

3. Different Directions

This is a homeschooling organization that offers resources as well as the community for New York State homeschool families. This is a famous collective Community Center that supports homeschooling missions and homes. Single mothers looking for support and other resources must contact Different Directions. A lot of professionals and educators coming from different backgrounds take classes at this community center. You can connect to many teachers and homeschool parents for guidance and suggestions. Different Directions work with more than 120 homeschooling families every year. The organization supports groups, special events, and workshops for parents and takes classes for kids till high school. Many social gatherings like holiday parties, movie nights, and annual music theater productions are sponsored by Different Directions for homeschooled students.

4. The ROC Network For Learning

The ROC Network For Learning offers resources like career goal opportunities and life skills to many homeschooling families and their children under 12. This organization was founded by a single mom of three, Melee Randall. The organization enables homeschooling families to get a welcoming and warm community where they can get comfort, relief, support, and resources for homeschooling. Every homeschooling family member of this organization comes together to share talents, teachers, input, references, advice, resources, and support. It connects with traditional institutions, professionals, teachers, programs, and businesses so that homeschooling families and students get the right homeschooling resources and compute customized, independent and fun learning opportunities.

5. Intrepid Sea Air And Space Museum Homeschool Programs

Apart from the home-schooling organization in New York City, many cultural institutions also offer learning resources for Homeschoolers. The Intrepid Sea, Air, And Space Museum Homeschool Programs in New York City are designed for homeschool families. Homeschooling single mothers can access many learning resources and lessons to teach their kids. This program is designed to supplement the homeschool curriculum and enables homeschoolers to learn various topics. The program includes educator-led tours, feature talks, historical artifacts, demonstrations, and photographs.


With education and learning becoming remote for many kids, most single parents are considering homeschooling options in New York State. Around 2 million students throughout the United States are homeschooled, as per reports from the United States Department of Education. The National Home Education Research Institute projects this number to increase by more than 10% in 2023.

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