Can A Single Mom Homeschool In Oklahoma

Single Mom Homeschool Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the only state with limited homeschooling requirements and includes homeschooling rights in its state constitution. Homeschool laws in Oklahoma are relatively easy to follow. As a homeschooled single mother, you must follow a minimum of 180 days of school-year instruction and cover subjects like writing, reading, English, mathematics, and science. Oklahoma, unlike other states, does not require a specific education level for homeschooling parents for manual standardized tests. For many single-parent families, figuring out homeschooling opportunities can be overwhelming and daunting. The initial idea of homeschooling your child can be intimidating; however, you will be surprised by the endless homeschooling resources in Oklahoma.

Why Is It Easy For Single Mothers To Homeschool In Oklahoma?

One of the main reasons why most of the single mothers in Oklahoma opt for homeschooling is because this state does not require state testing, teacher qualification, or course requirements to take up the homeschooling option. As there are no requirements or guidelines for homeschooling, any single mother can decide to homeschool their children. However, specific recommendations are made by the state to ensure every child receives a good education. The Oklahoma State recommends homeschooling between ages 5 to 18 with 180 days of formal education. The school subjects for homeschooling students should be the same as public school students, like the United States Constitution, writing, reading, citizenship, science, physical education, conservation, and health. Homeschooling students are also required to show records of academic progress. The Oklahoma State Department of Education recommends homeschooling parents notify the school about their intent to homeschool.

Can A Single Mom HomeSchool In Oklahoma?

If you’re a single mother in Oklahoma and wish to know whether you can homeschool in this state, then the answer is ‘Yes.’ Oklahoma is one of the best places in the United states for homeschooling parents and their kids. This state has the constitutionally protected right to home school. Therefore, single mothers can homeschool and even access a lot of organizations and groups in Oklahoma to get started.

Single Mom Homeschool Resources In Oklahoma

One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling single mothers in Oklahoma is figuring out the homeschool curriculum. You need to find materials for writing, reading, and arithmetic by researching online stores and mail-order catalogs. It will take time for homeschooling single mothers to understand what their child needs in response to their learning style and interests. The responsibility of homeschooling and educating your children at home can be daunting. However, it can also be a unique way to bond and a meaningful route to build strong family values. There are a lot of groups, resources, and organizations in Oklahoma that help homeschooling single mothers get the necessary support and assistance.

1. Homeschool Oklahoma

It is one of the most popular and common statewide organizations offering events, support, and advocacy for rights to family-funded and parent LED home-based education in Oklahoma. Homeschool Oklahoma has designed a Free Homeschool Directory for parents to grab more opportunities and connect to other homeschooling families, groups, and co-ops nearby. Curriculum stores, home-school clubs, sports, and tutors are also listed in this directory, and if you are a home-schooling single mother, you can seek support for homeschooling in this place.

2. CHEF, Christian Home Educators Fellowship

Christian Home Educators Fellowship is a Christian-based homeschool group that serves homeschool families, including single-parent homeschool families, in the northeast region of Oklahoma. This homeschool group encourages and supports homeschool parents so that they can provide a plethora of activities to homeschoolers and give them the best education possible. For instance, this homeschool group hosts homeschool graduation every year and also provides a basketball program to homeschoolers.

3. OCHEC, Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation Inc.

This is a statewide Christian support group in Oklahoma that updates support groups and homeschool families about homeschooling-related legislation in this state. Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation Inc. offers information about how families can get started with homeschooling. The organization raises awareness among Oklahoma homeschooling families by conducting annual state conventions and e-mail alerts in monthly magazines.

4. HOM, Homeschooling In OKC Metro

Home schooling in OKC Metro is an online discussion group that serves the Oklahoma City Metro area and works for homeschooled families. Homeschooling single mothers can share events, activities, raise questions, and get ideas about how to homeschool from this group.

5. NOAH, Northeast Oklahoma Association Of Homeschools

This is a Christian-based sports homeschool group that offers numerous opportunities for homeschooled children so that they can play basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, tackle football, softball, football, volleyball, etc. Home-schooling single mothers looking for sports resources and programs to support their children can approach this group. There are a lot of state and local groups that offer homeschooling support and advice on different social media platforms as well. Single mothers can search by homeschooling philosophy, city, county, or religious preference to locate these resources.

8. Other homeschool sports, co-ops, and clubs in Oklahoma

One of the main concerns about homeschooling for any parent is socialization.  The best thing about socialization is that it can be found anywhere, and the state of Oklahoma is no exception. The number of homeschoolers in this state is constantly increasing. Therefore a vast number of clubs, sports, groups, and co-ops are working collaboratively so that homeschooled students can get involved with their peers and get support. Homeschooling is possible anywhere around the United States. However, states like Oklahoma make it easy for single-parent families to control their child’s education and educate them without government interference.


Home-schooling single mothers have the freedom and flexibility to put together an educational curriculum and program which is best suited for their children and is tailored specifically to their learning needs and style.  There are a lot of places for homeschool students to get teaching advice and learning materials, such as public, college, and church libraries, homeschool catalogs, educational supply stores, magazines, websites, etc., in Oklahoma. Home educators in Oklahoma are not required by the law to register with any local or state authority, hold a teaching certificate or submit any records to the authority.

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