Emergency Housing For Single Moms In Florida

Emergency Housing For Single Moms In West Palm Beach, Florida

If you are locating an emergency housing or transitional shelter in West Palm Beach County, Florida, then many resources and programs are available for you to assist you in your financial crisis. Emergency housing assistance and shelters provide single mothers and low-income families with a safe and secure place to stay and help them to get back on their feet soon. Many rehabilitation centers also provide emergency services for families with children of single mothers and veterans.

How To Find Emergency Housing For Single Moms In West Palm Beach, FL?

Single moms can avail of many emergency housing programs by contacting their state and local social service agencies. The state government administers different federal programs for single moms and low-income families; therefore, you can search online for emergency housing programs. Charities and churches scattered around West Palm Beach, FL, are also excellent resources for locating emergency housing programs. They provide funds to low-income families and single moms in emergency and financial crises.

Emergency Housing Programs For Single Mothers In West Palm Beach, Florida

Single mothers who raise their children independently can understand the financial and mental stress of providing for their families alone. Thankfully, there are a lot of state, federal, and local programs in West Palm Beach County, Florida, that single mothers can avail of to ease their financial pressure. The transitional housing program and emergency shelters help homeless people or individuals at high risk of getting evicted. Once you become eligible for getting emergency assistance and housing programs in West Palm Beach County, then you will find programs and resources where you get financial support, counseling services, and a secure and safe environment to live with your family until you seek a permanent housing solution. Some of the emergency housing programs and resources for single mothers in West Palm Beach, Florida, are as follows:

1. The Casa Vegso Transitional Housing Program

This program offers emergency assistance to women and children suffering from domestic abuse and violence in West Palm Beach County. Homeless individuals and families will be given emergency shelters and support for a stipulated time to become independent and get back on their feet. The Casa Vegso Transitional Housing Program also offers legal advocacy and housing referrals.

2. Homeless Veteran Care Program

People who are homeless or facing forced eviction because of unemployment, depression, financial hardship, addiction, or transition from prison can benefit from the Homeless Veteran Care Program. Their services include immediate shelter, food, transitional housing, job training, education, skill development program, and financial support so homeless people can get through their financial hardship. You can contact the VA West Palm Beach Healthcare and Homeless Service Care Coordinator to seek emergency housing and financial support from the organization.

3. Catholic Charities, West Palm Beach

Single mothers and low-income families who cannot provide shelter for their families can seek emergency shelters and housing assistance from Catholic Charities in West Palm Beach. Individuals dealing with life challenges like loneliness, anxiety, financial difficulties, stressful relationships and separation from their partners can seek counseling services from Catholic Charities, West Palm Beach. They offer emergency assistance, counseling services, education, and job assistance so low-income families and single mothers can attain residential stability.

4. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers transitional housing and emergency shelters to needy families and the homeless population in West Palm Beach County, Florida. The main objective of this organization is to promote economic self-sufficiency for homeless single mothers and low-income families. They also provide intensive case management to eligible candidates. Apart from emergency shelters, marginalized families and individuals can also seek clothing assistance, sustaining assistance, rent assistance, and household furnishing assistance from the organization. Emergency housing programs by the Salvation Army for single mothers and poor families aim to offer a stable and secure living environment for homeless veterans who are residents of West Palm Beach County.

5. Burckle Place

Burckle Place offers transitional housing programs and emergency shelters to homeless single mothers. Burckle Place is the only housing-supportive program in West Palm Beach County designed exclusively for needy and homeless single mothers. The program offers emergency housing assistance, skill building, and education to empower women to achieve self-sufficiency and live independently. The program combines housing assistance and supportive service with health and fitness activities so that residents can rebuild their lives and remain housed.

6. YWCA, Palm Beach County

The Young Women’s Christian Association in West Palm Beach County offers individual counseling and emergency housing assistance to people facing homelessness and domestic violence. The organization works so people can deal with their financial hardship or abusive relationship and promote their well-being. Woman In Transition Support Group is a program offered by this organization where homeless single mothers, as well as victims of domestic violence, can participate to break the cycle of abuse and violence and seek permanent housing. Emergency shelters and housing assistance is available to qualified single mothers and children.

7. AVDA, Aids To Victims Of Domestic Violence in Palm Beach County

The AVDA organization was established in 1995 to promote the well-being of abused women and children. The organization offers emergency shelters and housing assistance to abused women and helps them to lead happy and safe lives. Not only does the organization offer them shelter, but also suitable clothing, job assistance, transportation facilities, and counseling sessions to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence. The 63-bed emergency shelter by AVDAs offers housing assistance to domestic violence victims who can stay securely with their children for up to 8 weeks. There are also special arrangements for single mothers and domestic victims who are looking for an extended length of stay.


Emergency housing assistance programs offer temporary housing solutions to single mothers and the homeless. These programs provide long-term solutions such as career counseling, case management, vocational training, and employment assistance to promote financial freedom and self-sufficiency. Single mothers in West Palm Beach County, struggling financially and at risk of losing their homes, can contact government and nonprofit organizations that provide emergency housing assistance and help them to locate a safe shelter.

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