Single Mom Struggles Quotes

Single Mom Struggles Quotes

Life of a single mom is a roller coaster ride. Having children means you are on the job 24/ 7. Single moms are hard-working women who make the world a better place for their children alone. The strength, courage, and determination required to embrace single motherhood is undeniable. By sharing single mom struggles quotes you can show the world that you are capable of doing the work of two. These quotes are amazing for a social media post, quick laugh, or as a part of a gift. If you are struggling as a single mom then reading these quotes will give you the positivity and courage to go forward. This guide will throw light on encouraging quotes for all single moms out there who are struggling.

Struggling Single Mom Quotes

  • ‘Do you think you understand struggle? Try being a single mom’.
  • ‘Every single mom takes a moment to cry when times are tough but then they pick themselves up and become determined to do their best’.
  • ‘Single moms can overcome all the struggles and even raise their children alone’.
  • ‘It takes a really strong person to be a single mom’.
  • ‘Even though I did not plan on becoming a single mom I will deal with the past in the best way I can’.
  • ‘When you are a single mom you’re never alone in your thoughts. You have to think twice, one for yourself and one for your child’.
  • ‘As a single mom, you are holding the strength of two parents. You are a true superwoman’.
  • ‘Single moms who are struggling should hold their kids especially when they feel their world is falling apart. Your kids are the anchor of your life and will help you find your strength’.
  • ‘In my child’s smile, I find the strength to overcome all the struggles that come with being a single mom’.
  • ‘Learning to raise children alone has made me a stronger person inside and out’.
  • ‘In the struggling moments, you will find the strength to push yourself forward’.
  • ‘Being a single mom is scary and hard however it will show you how strong and determined a person you are’.
  • ‘Crying is not a sign of weakness, it is what you need to find the will and determination to take the next step’.
  • ‘Being a single mom is not something that you have planned. Allow yourself to cry when you’re struggling and be sad’.
  • ‘Some days being a single mother is nothing but heartbreak and struggle. However, it is the light your kids bring that parts the clouds easily’.
  • ‘You are a strong, determined, and capable single mom. You have the power to conquer the world with your strength’.
  • ‘The strength and determination of single moms is hard to match’.
  • ‘You are a fantastic, unique, wonderful, and beautiful single mom’.
  • ‘Walking the path less trouble is challenging, however the happiness and joy of your piece are worth it’.
  • ‘Struggling single moms work hard all day for their children but sometimes they need to take a break and take a breather themselves. It is fine to relax, sit down, enjoy some time, and let yourself go easy’.
  • ‘Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them, it is about making perfect and happy moments and imperfect ones too. Your kids will see the efforts and struggles you put in as a single mom. They will see you doing great things and failing at the same time. This is how they will learn that life is full of perfection and failures’.
  • ‘Life is not about being perfect, it is about the imperfections of life which give life its color and character’.
  • ‘Appreciate yourself for all the struggles that you are doing to bring up your kids. Instead of pondering on what could have happened if your spouse was there, realize how amazing your children are growing up and give yourself a pat on the back’.
  • ‘The struggle, anger, and hurt that lie within you will help you to become stronger, more caring, and more protective toward your kids’.
  • ‘One of the strongest bond in the world is that of a mother and her children. You may have highs and lows but it will help to make a strong relationship with your children’.
  • ‘Working and being a single mom can make you feel guilty however remember you are teaching your children about achievements and life goals which is a significant life lesson’.
  • ‘There are times when you will be struggling as a single mom and may feel nothing is going right but do not give up. Take a look at the way you have brought up your kids and you will realize what an amazing job you have done’.
  • ‘Being a single mom is a full-time responsibility and a lot of struggle; however, it also takes a lot of grit, a stronger attitude, and determination to be both a mom and a dad to your kids.
  • ‘Mothers if you are a single mom you are truly a superwoman’.
  • ‘Single moms: you are courageous ones with the strength and heart of two parents instead of one. You should be proud of yourself and know that you are not alone and you are fulfilling 2 roles’.
  • ‘Though you are struggling, have faith in yourself. Every obstacle you overcome will prove how determined and strong a woman you are’.
  • ‘A single mom has a heart of steel even if it is full of love and care. They are strong and independent women’.
  • ‘Single moms are struggling as they have a never ending to-do list. However, make time for your children and bring back the moments that your kids spend while growing up’.
  • ‘Your children will give you all the joy and happiness in the world and set you up for the struggles that you want to fight. You need to win the struggle to prove to them that you can be both a good mom and dad for them’.
  • ‘Being a single mom you have chosen to live a life dedicated to your kids first and then to you. You may have to encounter a lot of struggles and the path will not be easy but you have decided to be there for your kids so be proud of it’.
  • ‘Everyone faces struggle in their life but how you are reacting to it and how you come out of it make a significant difference in one’s life’.
  • ‘Single moms’ fighting spirit is what will keep you grounded and strong so never give up’.
  • ‘Single moms are everything to their children therefore instead of wondering what went wrong or feeling overwhelmed, express gratitude and don’t play the victim’.
  • ‘Just because I am struggling as a single mom doesn’t mean I cannot be a success’.
  • ‘Being a struggling mother and a working single mom instills in you a sense of determination’.
  • ‘As a single mom, I’m working long hours and juggling a lot. Undoubtedly it costs my children a little but what they get in return is a mom who is energized, determined, and full of content’.
  • ‘There will be times when you feel you have failed however in the heart and minds of your children you are a super mother’.
  • ‘Respect to all mothers who are struggling and doing double duty as men fail to do their part as fathers’.
  • ‘Being a single one is not a life full of struggle but a journey for the determined and strong women’.
  • ‘We may encounter many defeats while embracing single motherhood but we should not be defeated’.
  • ‘Gone are the days when you would sit and wait for your knight in shining armor. You need to be brave, independent, and believe that you can do it’.
  • ‘A single mom tries everything when things are difficult but she never gives up. She believes in her kids and her family when times are tough. She believes that her mother’s love is more than enough’.
  • ‘Single moms are heroic in their efforts to raise their children but men should also take responsibility for their kids and recognize the impact they have on the well-being of their families’.
  • ‘At the end of the day, it is the bond that you share with your kid that matters and mommies know how to do that’.
  • ‘The strength of motherhood is sometimes greater than natural laws’.
  • ‘Even though it leaves me sleep deprived, I am enjoying every bit of motherhood’.
  • ‘Motherhood is one of the most challenging aspects as well as the most satisfying vocation in the world’.
  • ‘The pain, responsibilities and emotions of motherhood are unique to every woman’.
  • ‘This is what motherhood is all about: you’re working and doing 25 different jobs without getting paid’.
  • ‘A single mom is a backbone made of steel and a heart full of gold’.
  • ‘A single mom and her children are like two blossoms on a single branch’.
  • ‘You can be a mess and still be a good mother. You are allowed to be both’.
  • ‘Whenever you feel discouraged just remember you mean the world to the tiny humans who look up to you’.
  • ‘For me motherhood is about discovering the strength I did not know I had and dealing with the fears I never knew existed in me’.

Quotes To Comfort Struggling Single Moms

  • ‘As a struggling single mom, you will discover your inner strength and capabilities which you never knew existed before’.
  • ‘Being raised by a single mom I learned to appreciate an independent and strong woman’.
  • ‘And one day she discovered she was strong and fierce and full of fire and that no one could hold her back since her passion burned brighter than her fears’.
  • ‘There is no love so forgiving and instantaneous as the bond between a mother and her children in the world’.
  • ‘You are more powerful than you think, you are beautiful just as you are’.
  • ‘Motherhood is one of the greatest and hardest things in the world.
  • ‘You may not control all the events that happen to you but you can decide not to be reduced by them’.
  • ‘God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers’.
  • “We may encounter a lot of defeats but we must not be defeated”.
  • ‘Motherhood is the ultimate call to sacrifice’.
  • ‘Single moms you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, referee, cook, provider, protector, defender, and a true superwoman. Wear your cap proudly’.
  • ‘Being a single mom is twice the work, twice the stress, twice the tears but also twice the love, twice the hugs, and twice the pride’.
  • ‘Nothing that you do for your children is a waste’.
  • ‘Single mom tries everything when things are difficult but she never gives up. She believes in her family even when things are difficult. She knows that a mom’s love is more than enough’.
  • ‘Being a mom is the greatest and the hardest challenge in all of life’.
  • ‘Having children is a responsibility of rearing good, ethical, kind, and responsible human beings. This is one of the biggest jobs anyone can embark on’.
  • ‘It is all right to slip a few things in life. Make up for those mistakes and move on. What matters the most is that you love your children and you care for them’.
  • ‘To make sure your kids are happy you have to take responsibility for your happiness. This is what your children will learn from you when they see what a positive and happy person their mother is’.
  • ‘Pride yourself in being a single and independent woman who can take care of her life, her kids, her home, and her career at the same time’.
  • ‘No matter how much you are struggling, do not doubt your capabilities and strength’.
  • ‘A single mom has to have four arms, four eyes, four legs, two hearts and double the love. There is nothing that is unique about a single mom’.


Parenting is a journey that goes smoothly when two parents share their responsibilities however when it comes to taking the challenges alone single moms have to juggle their responsibilities and this takes a toll on their physical and mental health. If you’re raising your children as a single mom know that you are one of the strongest people on earth. The errands, efforts, household chores, and other responsibilities you are performing for your children will make their life comfortable and this is nothing short of what a superhero does. Pat yourself on the back and feel proud to be a single mom. The above-mentioned single mom quotes will celebrate their struggle and power.

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