Funny Single Mom Quotes

Funny Single Mom Quotes

Being a single mother can be a rewarding and challenging experience at the same time. No matter whether you are a single mom or know someone who is, funny quotes about being a single mom will bring a smile to your face and will remind you that you are not alone in your parenthood journey. From relatable jokes to witty one-liners this guide will capture all the ups and downs and highs and lows of single motherhood in a humorous and lighthearted way. So sit back and be prepared to chuckle your way through the funny quotes mentioned in the guide.

List Of Funny Single Mom Quotes

  • ‘I may be a single mother but at least my children think I am funny’.
  • ‘A single mom is like a stand-up comedian but without the applause’.
  • ‘Laughter is the only medicine for the tired soul of a single mom’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means having a built-in audience for all of my jokes’.
  • ‘The only thing more difficult than becoming a single mom is trying to be funny on no sleep’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means the constant act of balancing parenting and punch lines’.
  • ‘Single mother means never having to share the remote of your TV or the punch line’.
  • ‘My children consider me to be the toughest critic, however they are my biggest fans when it comes to cracking jokes’.
  • ‘Being a single mom I have mastered the art of multitasking especially when it comes to making dinner and telling jokes’.
  • ‘When life gets difficult just remember that you are a single mom and you have already survived worse’.
  • ‘I’m a single mom and the only thing that I have learned from my life is sometimes you just need to laugh, and relax to prevent yourself from crying’.
  • ‘The only thing more difficult than being a single mom is trying to make your children laugh with clean jokes’.
  • ‘Being a single mother my sense of humor is my biggest superpower’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means you have a constant supply of funny jokes to share at moms night out’.
  • ‘Being a single mom I have learned that one of the best ways to handle a bad day is to have a good sense of humor and a glass of wine’.
  • ‘Life of a single mom is something where the struggle is real and so is the laughter’.
  • ‘Raising children solo is like juggling things with one hand. It is messy however it will make it work’.
  • ‘House of a single mom is like a circus with their children as clowns’.
  • ‘If you enjoy relaxing weekends, long romantic meals and a clean room then parenthood certainly isn’t for you’.
  • ‘Are you even a single mom if you don’t yell at your children to get in the car 20 times every morning?’
  • ‘Having a second child is like riding a bike except the bike has no brakes because it is speeding down a hill and the tires are on fire’.
  • ‘Being a mother means a majority of your diet is the food that your kids did not finish’.
  • ‘When your kids are teenagers it is important to have a dog so that at least someone in the house is happy to see you’.
  • ‘The true test of patience is watching your children try to zip their coats themselves when you are running late’.
  • ‘One of the biggest measures of parenting is locking yourself in the bathroom with a handful of your children’s Halloween candy’.
  • ‘You know you are a single mom when you stop dreaming about millions of dollars and start daydreaming about how amazing it would be to go to the bathroom alone’.
  • ‘When you become a mom of toddlers your biggest fear becomes running out of chicken nuggets and cheese sticks.
  • ‘The dream of a single mom includes’ seeing their children graduate from their kids, find true love and finish their meals without having to get up and receive more ketchup’.
  • ‘The brown strain on your fingers could be chocolate however it is also just as likely not to be, so better to not risk it’.
  • ‘You can either have 8 hours of sleep as a single mom or have children but not both’.
  • ‘Telling your children you will see them in the morning is one of the greatest lies you have ever told. You will see them ten more times within the next hour and perhaps 20 more times before the sun rises’.
  • ‘Single moms are superheroes but without any caps’.
  • ‘I cannot do anything with my baby on my hip and toddler at my feet’.
  • ‘Life of a single mom is like a roller coaster ride. There may be a lot of ups and downs however the right will be worth it’.
  • ‘I thought being a mother would be easy but then I had my children’.
  • ‘Life of a single mother is something where you go from ‘I have got this’ to ‘What the heck just happened’ in a matter of a few seconds?’
  • ‘Being a single mother is like juggling chainsaws however with a big smile on your face’.
  • ‘I’m not just a single mom, I’m a superhero of my children in pajamas’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means you have to embrace chaos and find humor in it’.
  • ‘I’m not a regular mother, I’m a cool single mom’.
  • ‘I may be a single mom but I’m raising an army of future superheroes’.
  • ‘Being a single mother you may feel like a circus ringmaster you have to keep everything and everyone on track but with a touch of humor’.
  • ‘Single mom life: where chaos and love coexist in perfect harmony’.
  • ‘Being a single mother is like running a marathon however with sticky hands and a good sense of humor’.
  • ‘Single moms are Jack of all trades however with a killer sense of humor’.
  • ‘I’m a single mom. I do not need a partner. I have a good sense of humor to get me through my single mom life’.
  • ‘When you are a single mom you will learn to laugh at the unexpected things and embrace the chaos amazingly’.
  • ‘As a single mom, I can do anything as long as I have good jokes to get me through’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means finding humor in boring and mundane tasks and laughter in the chaos’.
  • ‘I’m not a superhero, I’m a single mother but close enough. I have a good sense of humor to fill our room’.
  • ‘A single mother is just like juggling knives while blindfolded but with greater love’.
  • ‘Being a single mother means you are an expert in finding the silver lining in every situation’.
  • ‘I’m a single mom which means I’m just a step away from running out of coffee’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means you’re the only one who can fix a broken heart or a broken toy’.
  • ‘I’m a single mom and so I’m a master at turning the leftovers into a gourmet meal.
  • ‘I do not feel like a superhero but when I do it is because I’m a single mother’.
  • ‘As a single mom, I have a lot of responsibilities like knowing where the socks are’.
  • ‘The only thing more challenging than being a single mom is being a single mom while trying to keep the house neat and clean’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means I get to be both the good cop and the bad cop’.
  • ‘I may not have a partner but I have a Netflix account and a strong Wi-Fi connection’.
  • ‘As a single mom, I only have two moods. ‘I got this’, and ‘why me’?’
  • ‘The best part of being a single mom is you do not need to share your snacks with anyone’.
  • ‘I may be a single mom but I’m the queen of sarcasm and multitasking’.
  • ‘Being a single mom means you know how to fix things with duct tape and a prayer’.
  • ‘Single mom life: where the mess is real and so is the love’.
  • ‘The hardest job of a single mom is raising kids alone however they love doing it’.
  • ‘Single mom life is like a puzzle however without any picture on the box’.
  • ‘Single motherhood: where wine is your soul mate and coffee is your best friend’.
  • ‘Life of a single mom is something where the struggle is real and so is the love’.
  • ‘Single mother is the ultimate test of multitasking skills’.
  • ‘I’m a single mom. What is your superpower?’
  • ‘I may be a single mother but at least I’m raising superheroes’.
  • ‘Embracing single motherhood is not for those with a faint heart but at least the journey is rewarding’.
  • ‘Life of a single mom is a roller coaster ride but you do not have to wait in line for it’.
  • ‘Life of a single mom is where chaos meets humor’.


Being a parent is not an easy feat however embracing motherhood alone is full of challenges as well as immense joy and humor. Hilarious jokes and one-liners for single moms make an amazing addition to cards or tweets on birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other special day. You can capture the light-hearted side of single parenting with some aforementioned funny single mom quotes that will surely make you and others smile. Everyone needs a frequent laugh now and then, especially single moms who are constantly juggling duties and raising children alone. Laughter will make them focus on the fun aspects of embracing parenthood alone.

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