Single Mom Quotes For Mother’s Day

Single Mom Quotes For Mother’s Day

Being a mom is not a walk in the park however being a single mom is more challenging as it comes with double responsibility and stress. Mother’s Day is a significant day for every mom even for single moms as it is a day to celebrate and honor mothers. If your mother is a single mom or if you know anyone who is a single mom then you can ensure to wish her on this special day and appreciate her for the unconditional care and love that defines motherhood. Sending her heartfelt and thoughtful messages and quotes will lift her spirits and give her motivation. This guide will cover a wonderful collection of single mom quotes for Mother’s Day.

Why Do You Need To Know Mother’s Day Quotes For Single Moms?

Single moms are superheroes. They juggle millions of tasks and protect their children from lies and harsh blows. However, they also deserve words of wisdom and comforting lines on special days like Mother’s Day. Single moms are humans who seamlessly slip into the dual role of both a dad and mom and prove to the world that love knows no limits. As we are approaching Mother’s day it is time to show the extraordinary women like single moms some well-deserved appreciation and recognition. Heartfelt messages for mothers Day to single moms will honor their real-life struggles. Whether you are a daughter or a son, a friend or an admirer from far you can share heartfelt Mother’s Day quotes with single moms you know and bring a smile to their face.

Inspirational Happy Mother’s Day Single Mom Quotes

Following is the list of Mother’s Day messages for single moms that will lift your spirits.

  • ‘Mothers are one of the greatest teachers. They are a teacher of love, compassion, and fearlessness. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all single moms out there’.
  • ‘A single mom’s love is the fuel that enables a human to achieve the impossible’.
  • ‘God could not be present everywhere and so he made mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on the planet’.
  • ‘To all the struggling, caring and loving moms happy Mother’s Day. All of you deserve immense love and appreciation for your efforts’.
  • ‘Your hugs can heal any wound and your smile and words can brighten any day. Never doubt all your capabilities as you are the best’.
  • ‘If you make a list of all the activities that a single mom does every day you will never finish as the to-do list of taking care of children and managing the home is endless. They are both mother and father to their children. Happy Mother’s Day to all struggling single moms’.
  • ‘A single mom is a person who is ready to make immense sacrifices to give the best to her children and the greatest reward that she gets in return is happy and well-mannered children. They are true angels of God on earth. Happy Mother’s Day to every mom’.
  • ‘On this Mother’s Day exchange your greetings and warm wishes to every woman who is facing challenges alone including single moms.
  • ‘Happy Mother’s Day to single moms who play the role of mother and father for their children. It is undoubtedly a demanding commitment but you can manage the role perfectly well and you’re doing an excellent job with your kids’.
  • ‘Single moms, you need to remind yourself that you can be delicate yet strong, dreamy yet brave, and affectionate yet warriors. You can set the best example for your children. You deserve all the love for the efforts and struggles that you are making for them. Happy Mother’s Day to you!
  • ‘Happy Mother’s Day to all admirable single moms. You deserve the greatest consideration and respect from everyone’.
  • ‘Do not assume single moms are weak because of their demanding duties. Instead, look at them as powerful women who face challenges every day but do not give up. To every single moms out there, wish you a very happy mother’s day’.
  • ‘To the mother who is also a father, you are the strength of support and pillar of your family. You’re a brave dad and a strong mom. On this Mother’s Day, we celebrate your love and support’.
  • ‘To all the single moms you are a testament to the strength of every single mom out there. Happy Mother’s Day to you. You have filled the role of a mother and father with grace.
  • ‘Happy Mother’s Day to the person who makes every day special for their children’.
  • ‘Whether it is taking challenges or spending quality time with your family you have proven that being a single mom is difficult but not impossible. Your strength is an inspiration for your children’.
  • ‘This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate the unwavering support, endless love, and fierce determination and energy of single moms’.
  • ‘To all the single moms who are providing for their families tirelessly. It takes immense strength to provide for a family. Wish you a very happy Mother’s Day’.
  • ‘For single moms who balance out everything from date nights to school run a very happy Mother’s Day. Your tireless dedication and love will not go unnoticed’.

Happy Mother’s Day Messages To A Single Mom From Daughter/Son

  • ‘On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I would express my heartfelt gratitude for my single mom who has taken all the pain and suffering and kept us in comfort. You are certainly a rocking single mom and I’m so happy to have you as a parent. Happy Mother’s Day my dearest mom’.
  • ‘Life was a roller coaster ride ever since dad left us but you refused to surrender. Salute to your love, unwavering support, and determination as a single mother. Happy Mother’s Day mom’.
  • ‘Life is challenging for single mothers but with a super mom like you, even the impossible is attainable. Best wishes to you on Mother’s Day’.
  • ‘It is a matter of immense pride for me that you have raised me as a single mother and today I take this honor to call myself your daughter. A very happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother’.
  • ‘Dear mom, the way you have raised me without a fatherly figure makes you a superhero in every sense. You are just not a mother but also our dad. Thank you for giving us all the happiness, love, laughter, comfort, and joy. Wishing you an amazing happy Mother’s Day Mom’.
  • ‘Best wishes and lots of love. You are an ideal inspiration for every single mom who struggle to raise their children single-handedly. I take pride in you as you have brought us like a hero. I pray to God to impart you all the happiness and strength as you deserve a wonderful life ahead.
  • ‘Best wishes to you on Mother’s Day’. The way you have raised us single-handedly being a single mom is truly commendable’.
  • ‘Congratulations for putting in amazing efforts and dedicating time to us. You have been an amazing mom and dad to us and we love you from the core of our hearts. A very happy Mother’s Day Mom’.
  • ‘Sending warm wishes to the single mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day who has always motivated me and given me strength. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. You are the best single mom a child can ever have’.
  • ‘Being a mother is challenging however being a single mom like you comes with so many responsibilities. Happy Mother’s Day to my single mother who has cared for and loved me so much. Wishing you lots of love and warm wishes today’.
  • ‘Blessed are those children who have a mom like you. I’m extremely proud to call you my guardian. You are a complete parent and you have shouldered the responsibilities and roles of a mother and father perfectly well. Happy Mother’s Day mom’.
  • ‘With an amazing mother like you, the need to have a fatherly figure in a child’s love becomes insignificant since you have perfectly played the dual roles. Congratulations on being the best mother. A very happy Mother’s Day to my mom’.
  • ‘Life is not easy however for a woman like you no hurdles are difficult. Wishing a happy Mother’s Day to an amazing human and a wonderful single mom who has never given up in difficult times’.
  • ‘Having a mom like you is a blessing as you are just not a mother but also a dad in our lives. You are the savior and creator. Have a happy and beautiful Mother’s Day’.
  • ‘On this Mother’s Day, I would like to congratulate you for being the best mother on the planet and also for being a wonderful father. Happy Mother’s Day mom. You have done the best for your kids despite all the difficulties’.
  • ‘The best single mom ever. A very happy and beautiful Mother’s Day. Your selflessness and unconditional love make you exceptional. I am fortunate to have you as a parent in my life. Hope you enjoy your special day’.
  • ‘I wish a very happy mother’s day to the single mom who is strong, kind, and beautiful. You inspire me with your determination dedication and endless love. Thank you for being my role model’.
  • ‘Sending you warm and heartfelt wishes on the occasion of Mother’s Day. You are my constant source of strength and support, my guiding light, and my biggest cheerleader. Have a wonderful day. I’m so blessed to call you as my mom’.
  • ‘To the best and most incredible mom in the world a very happy and beautiful Mother’s Day. Your unwavering support and endless love have made a significant difference in my life. And I will be forever grateful to you for all the love you have given me as a mother and father. Enjoy your special day’.
  • ‘To the most beautiful, caring, and loving mom a really happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for showing so much love every single day. You are the best’.
  • ‘Single mom: you are my hero, a strong woman, my role model, and my best friend. You are an amazing human being and I love you more than I can express myself. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day’.
  • ‘Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best guardian, storyteller, style icon, and homework helper’.
  • ‘Mom, you make my heart smile and my soul shine. Thank you for being my cheerleader, my safe harbor, and my rock. Your tenderness and patience with me are unmatched. I’m certainly pleased to have you as my mother and father both. Very happy Mother’s Day’.
  • ‘Knowing that I was raised by the best single mom is such a privilege. I truly admire you for all the sacrifices that you have made for me. A very happy Mother’s Day to my world’.
  • ‘Thank you for brightening my life and making our house a home. Happy Mother’s Day mommy’.
  • ‘Happiest Mother’s Day to the world’s sweetest woman. Your guidance and motivation have made me a strong person just like you’.
  • ‘Dear mom, you are the soul and heart of our family. A very happy Mother’s Day to the most loving and caring mom’.
  • ‘Happy Mother’s Day to the person who has been there for me no matter what. Your generosity, love, and kindness will never cease to amaze me’.
  • ‘Dear Mom, thank you for being my mentor, my father, my role model, and my best friend. For me, you are the most wonderful mom’.
  • ‘Thank you for all the motivation for my hugs, love, and words of encouragement that you have given me through the years. Happiest Mother’s Day to the person who has been a mother and father to me’.
  • ‘The best compliment one can ever give me is when they say I’m just like you. I love you so much. Thank you for taking care of me even when it wasn’t easy. Happy Mother’s Day’.
  • ‘Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day mom. You are a true reminder that gender does not define one’s ability to raise children and nurture them’.
  • ‘On this Mother’s Day, I would celebrate the woman who has played the role of a mom and a father both in my life. Your strength, love, support, and determination have made my world go round. A very happy and beautiful Mother’s Day mom’.
  • ‘To the mom who spends time with me and gives me unconditional love, I hope this Mother’s Day will be as special as you are. You deserve all the happiness and joy that you have put in my life. I’m so proud of you as my mother’.


In the world of single mothers, each day is a juggling act between fulfilling the roles of both parents. Single moms are the pillar of strength, champions of bedtime stories, and keepers of secrets for their children. As Mother’s Day rolls around it is time for them to celebrate these exceptional women who play the double role of a mother and a father. The above-mentioned Mother’s Day wishes for single moms appreciate them and will make their day unforgettable. These messages and single mom quotes provide a smile on their face.

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