Home Loans For Single Moms In Texas

Home Loans For Single Moms In Texas

It is no secret that locating a home in Texas is one of the most difficult tasks. Finding a good house for sale can be a challenging task. There is a long process of applying for a mortgage and incurring expenses of the initial payments and other fees. It can be a real challenge for single mothers in Texas to become a homeowner. There are a lot of home loans and financial assistance programs for single moms in Texas that enable them to fulfill their homeownership dream.

How Can Single Moms In Texas Obtain Home Loans?

There are many Texas homebuyer assistance programs that single moms can avail of to fulfill their dream of having a home. Some popular loan options include USDA loans, VA loans, and FHA loans. The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation also provides fixed-rate home loans and down payment assistance to low-income qualifying individuals. The main objective of this corporation is to enable low-income residents to purchase a home and get a roof over their heads. To apply for mortgage loans, you can directly apply to the corporation through an approved lender. Whichever loan program you decide on, it is essential to compare the loan and mortgage rates across different lenders to find the most affordable and feasible mortgage for your home-buying process.

Home Loans For Single Moms In Texas

Conventional mortgages are the standard home loans designed for single moms in Texas. These mortgages require them to pay around 20% of the loan as an upfront down payment. In addition, a conventional mortgage also requires applicants to have a specific income level with a credit score ranging between 660 to 700. By applying for conventional mortgages, you can save a little more on your monthly payments depending on the interest areas in your location. Not every single mother can access conventional mortgages, especially those with low income, bad credit, or other financial crises. The best home loans for single moms in Texas, if you are not eligible for the conventional option, are as follows:

1. Texas FHA Home Loans

The Federal Housing Administration insures FHA loans and guarantees a part of the total loan value. Texas mortgage brokers accept applications for Federal Housing Administration loans since these loans are not risky. The eligibility requirements of these loans are also lenient compared to conventional mortgage options. The eligibility requirements for these loans include a high debt-to-income ratio and low-income requirements, which single moms can quickly meet. Usually, the debt-to-income ratio requirement for FHA loans is 50%. Single moms in Texas who have a credit score of 580 or even higher are required to make a 3.5% down payment on FHA home loans. On the other hand, if their credit score is less than 580, they have to make a 10% down payment on home loans which is still affordable compared to a conventional down payment.

2. Texas USDA Home Loans For Single Moms

The USDA loans are popularly called Rural Development Loans, as the United States Department of Agriculture funds them to encourage low-income Texans to move into rural areas. Although USDA loans are lower than the eligibility requirements of many conventional loans, they are a bit less accessible for single moms in Texas than FHA loans because of higher credit scores and income requirements. The benefits of these loans are that they include more extended payback periods and low-interest rates. In other words, if you are eligible for a 38-year USDA home loan, your payments will be much less. On the other hand, an FHA loan would take less time, such as a maximum of 30 years. In most cases, USDA home loans for single moms in Texas cover 100% financing, and no down payment is required.

3. Texas VA Home Loans

VA loans for single moms in Texas are similar to FHA loans as the federal government insures these home loans. If you’re looking for cheap taxes mortgages for single moms, then VA home loans will be the right fit as they require no private mortgage insurance or down payment. Texas VA home loans for single moms have similar generous credit and income requirements as FHA loans. VA loans, however, are available only to veterans or members of the armed forces. Single mothers in Texas who have previously served the country should consider applying for this affordable mortgage option.

4. TSAHC, Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Program

The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation offers the Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Program. Under this program, homebuyers, including single mothers, get a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and 5% down payment assistance. The assistance is given in the form of a second mortgage or grant. There aren’t any monthly payments or interest charged on the second mortgage, which will be forgiven after three years unless you decide to refinance or sell your home. To be eligible for this program, you need to have a credit score of 620 and meet all the purchase and income limitations. These limitations will be based on your household size, your county, and whether you are purchasing a home in a targeted or untargeted location.

5. TSAHC, Homes For Texas Heroes Program

Single mothers who are eligible veterans or working in a Public Service Commission, such as police officers, firefighters, or teachers, can qualify for the TSAHC Homes For Texas Heroes Program. Under this program, eligible individuals will get a 30-year mortgage and down payment assistance of 5%. This program provides down payment assistance as a second mortgage or grant. You need not be a first time home buyer to be eligible for this program; however, the price of your home and your income limits should not exceed the guidelines stated in the program.


Raising a family and balancing work as a single mom in Texas do not leave a lot of time for them to save money. Moreover, a down payment of 20% might not be feasible for all. Low income and bad credit scores may affect your eligibility for traditional loans. The above loan programs offer easy access for single moms to purchase a house.

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