Business Loans For Single Moms

Business Loans For Single Moms

Being a single mother can bring on a lot of financial and emotional hardships. While many single moms take up multiple jobs to provide for their families, others choose to start their businesses or companies to attain financial stability. Many single moms are taking the help of online degrees by tapping into the business and entrepreneurial world to take their financial future into their own hands. Many single mothers prefer starting a small business that enables them to spend time with their children and look after the household while making supplemental income for their families. Giving tremendous focus and hard work to start and grow a business while paying attention to their children is difficult for a single mom. To help single mothers attain financial stability and grow or start their businesses, many financial help and loan programs have been designed in the USA.

How Can You Get Small Business Loans For Single Moms?

Single moms can avail of small business loans through online lenders no, nonprofit lenders, banks, and credit unions. Many online lenders provide more speed and convenience to single moms than banks and credit unions; however, these business loans can come at high-interest rates. Single moms or women-owned businesses are less likely to get approval for small business loans, according to the Federal Reserve. Nevertheless, women-owned businesses with solid finances and good credit will not have much trouble obtaining a loan.

How Can You Apply For Small Business Loans For Single Moms?

Before applying for a small business loan, single mothers must compare different options and find a lender that can offer them low-interest interest while still meeting their financing needs. Single mothers must provide all the information to their lenders regarding their business, financial statements, tax returns, etc., to complete the loan application. Depending on the type of loan and the lender you choose, you may have to provide documentation related to your company that showcases that women are operating it.

What Are The Different Types Of Small Business Loans For Single Moms?

The right business loan for single moms typically costs them the least when fitting all their funding requirements. Single mom-owned companies can tap into various forms of business as the following.

1. SBA Loans

There are a lot of SBA loans that single moms entrepreneurs can use for financing, including the SBA 7(a) loan program. Online lenders, financial institutions, and banks provide SBA loans which the United States Small Business Administration backs. The SBA 7(a) loan program provides long repayment terms and low-interest rates, making it an excellent option to fulfill multiple use cases. Around 50% of female-owned small businesses received funding of $7.3 billion in SBA 7(a) in the fiscal year 2022, according to SBA reports. To qualify for this loan, you must have good credit, solid finances, and an established business. Generally, these loans take a lot of time to fund; however, single moms who need capital quickly can avail of the SBA Express loan, which provides funds much faster. SBA strives to decide on approving Express loans within 36 hours. These loans have smaller funding amounts however can come with favorable repayment terms and competitive interest rates for single moms who can qualify for them.

2. Bank Business Loans

A woman who is looking for government small business loans for single moms can approach banks that typically come with low rates of interest but may have strict eligibility qualifications. According to reports from the Federal Reserve, large banks approved 50% of business applications led by women, while small banks approved around 67% of women-owned business applications earlier. However, today bank approvals have significantly reduced. As per the report, large and small banks approved 14.2% and 21.3% of women lead businesses in 2023.

3. Online Loans

Single moms who have low credit scores and are unable to obtain small business loans from other sources can take out loans from online lenders who can give them affordable loan options. These lenders have multiple products such as term loans, equipment financing, lines of credit, invoice factoring, etcetera, and specialize in speedy funding with less stringent qualification requirements, unlike banks. However, the borrowing costs can be higher compared to other options.

4. Microloans

There are a lot of mission-based nonprofit institutions throughout the United States which are offering micro-loans to small and local businesses that women, veterans, and people of color own. For instance, Grameen America offers small business loans ranging between $500 to $2000 for single moms and other eligible entrepreneur women who are living below the poverty lines. The availability of microloans can be a good option for single moms if they cannot qualify for online lenders or banks and have a small financing gap.

Different Small Finance Loan Programs For Single Moms

Financial assistance, loans, and support in the form of technical help for networking and mentoring can be offered by the federal government, the state government, charities, banking institutions, and many nonprofits. Each free grant, assistance program, and loan allocates funds to women-owned businesses or other eligible entrepreneurs. The United States Small Business Administration, or SBA, is a federal government agency that offers financing and many loan options to small businesses via a network of participating lenders who meet all the guidelines and policies of the SBA. SBA is a popular small business loan that single moms throughout the United States can use. Some other small business loans that can assist you in your need are as follows.

1. Enterprise Florida Microfinance Guarantee Program

If you are looking for small business loans for single moms in Florida, then the Enterprise Florida Microfinance Guarantee Program can be a helpful resource. Single mothers who are based in Florida and are running a business can be eligible to receive funding provided by Enterprise Florida Inc. through the Microfinance Guarantee Program. According to the eligibility criteria of the loan guarantee, single moms should have a business of fewer than 25 employees, and the business’s annual revenues should be less than $1.5 million. The Florida Enterprise Inc. does not provide any loan funding however provides a guarantee for up to 50% on loans for qualified Florida-based business owners who are working with an approved lender. This agency backs up small loans for up to $250,000 that come with a repayment term period of three years or even less. The repayment guarantee provided by Florida Enterprise Inc. enables entrepreneurs, primarily single mothers, to access loan funds at low-interest rates.

2. SSBCI Loans, Small Business Loan Support Program

The Small Business Loan Support Program was authorized and initiated by the United States Department of the Treasury in 2010 to offer federal funding assistance to single moms and small business owners in the United States. The program was reauthorized on 11th March 2021, and around $10 billion was allocated for this program. Florida is one of the several states approved to receive federal funds and participate in the Small Business Loan Support Program. Florida SSBCI program offers to fund Community Development Financial Institutions and approved lenders. These loans provide funding up to $5 million and enable repayment terms of up to five years.

3. LEDC, Latino Economic Development Center

This is a certified community development financial institution that enables local businesses based in many states in the country to grow and expand. This financial institution provides three types of loans:

  • LEDC Growth Loan

 Through this loan program, the Latino Economic Development Center provides up to $250,000 for a small well-established business that has been operating for two years and is looking for capital to expand or grow its operations.

  • LEDC Startup Loan

 This loan program by LEDC provides up to $20,000 for startup companies or businesses that have been operating for less than two years and are looking for financial support and capital to consolidate or launch their venture.

  • LEDC Seed Loan

This loan program provides funding up to $5000 for startup companies that have been operating for less than a year and wish to launch their company within three months as soon as they receive funding.

4. Camino Financial

Camino Financial is an organization developed by twin brothers Kenny Salas and Sean Salas with the mission of helping needy entrepreneurs who lack financial resources and capital to fund their dreams. This organization provides three types of loans to single mothers and other eligible entrepreneurs who are running small businesses and are facing financial difficulties in growing or operating. These loans are startup loans that come as microloans and small business loans. Single mothers without credit history or credit score ratings can find financial support and loan through this organization.

5. CDC Small Business Finance

This nonprofit organization has financed over $165,000 for native women, veterans, and minorities. Single mothers with no collateral and who need funds to grow their small business can approach CDC Small Business Finance to avail of many loan options. The loans offered by this nonprofit organization come with a lot of flexibility regarding repayment and interest rates and are designed for low or moderate-income communities, veteran-owned businesses, and startups. The organization provides two forms of loans such as the following:

  • Credit Blind Financing For Entrepreneurs Of Color

The CDC Small Business Finance offers Credit Blind Financing for black-owned businesses. It provides loans up to $100,000 for women of color who wish to expand their businesses.

  • Small Business Loans

Small Business loans offered by CDC Small Business Finance are regular business loans ranging between $20,000 to $350,000 and are designed specifically for entrepreneurs, including single mothers. These loans come with fixed and variable rates to meet the desired needs of your business.

6. AO, Accion Opportunity Fund

This nonprofit lender supports minority-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs, including single mothers in the USA. The Accion Opportunity Fund provides loans ranging between $5000 to $100,000. The loan terms are flexible as well as personalized to suit the individual needs of entrepreneurs since no two businesses or business owners are alike. Some small business loans you can avail of through the Accion Opportunity Fund are as follows.

  • SOAR, Southern Opportunity, And Resilience Fund

Small business owners across the South and Southeast United States who established businesses before September 2019 are experiencing economic hardship and can access small business loans through the SOAR program.

  • Small Business Loan Program

Single mothers can avail of loans from $5000 to $100,000 through the Small Business Loan program. This loan has partnered with American Express to support needy entrepreneurs. The loan terms are pretty flexible, and as soon as you get approved, you will get expert advice, ongoing updates, new business insights, and notification about upcoming events.


Single mothers can avail of a lot of grants, mentoring, and affordable loans throughout the United States that can help them to grow their businesses or fulfill their entrepreneurial goals. There is help available for needy single moms, minority-owned companies, startups, or entrepreneurs, as well as veterans. The main objective of loans, grants, and mentoring programs that are established by a lot of organizations and institutions is to help businesses or startups which lack access to capital and provide needy women with the financial support they need.

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