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National statistics demonstrate that only fifty-percent of U.S. students who enroll in postsecondary education actually complete a degree program. In a major effort to increase student retention and college graduation, private organizations and the U.S. government are doling out grants to advance education through technology.

In December 2009, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced $12.9 million ed-tech grants for community colleges and remedial courses. According to the Gates Foundation web site, the recipient of the grants will:

Work with community college educators to create cutting-edge virtual environments
that will support teachers and improve students' academic performance.

Create collaborative technology and social media tools to form virtual communities for
high quality educators to create a national certification program for teachers of
remedial education.

Develop dynamic virtual learning labs, which can be freely accessed and used as open

EduCause, a non-profit organization, recently earmarked substantial funds for technology projects aimed at preparing students for college. One of EduCause's goals is to combine online classes with traditional classroom curricula, where students can take basic, non-credit, supplemental courses for college readiness. The grants will also focus on postsecondary education by creating technology to track students' academic performance in real time, as well as create open, virtual educational tools.

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Education Technology Funds, ARRA EETT Competitive Grant Program supports efforts to improve students' learning and academic progress through innovative uses of technology. Among other things, the government grant program seeks to foster online learning and instruction connected to students' and educators' development.

Today's collaborative technology and social media tools are integral to keeping students and teachers engaged in the learning process. Why is it important to take fresh initiatives to integrate Web 2.0 technology in education to increase student retention and college retention?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor statistics, by 2016, fifty- percent of all U.S. jobs will require college-level skills.

Moreover, a recent research conducted by PayScale, an U.S. company that gathers information on salaries, shows college graduates from top schools earn nearly $1 million more than a typical high school graduate (source: Bloomberg Businessweek, June 28, 2010).

Based on specific variables, a comparative breakdown of the PayScale data shows a 30-year net return on college investment as follows:

Ivy-League colleges = $1.4M

Private College = $559.2K

Non-Ivies = $384.4K

Public colleges = $322.5K

The PayScale numbers also benchmark the average 30-year net return on investment of college education at 9%, only second to S&P 500 investment at 11%, and ahead of 30-year Treasuries and Gold at 4% and 2.6%, respectively.

In broad terms, college degrees will yield a high rate of return both in terms of skill-set development and earnings.

Initiatives to develop collaborative, online learning tools and virtual environments, funded by ed-tech grants, are steps toward creating modular, individually customized curriculum based on students' needs, interests and objectives. This, in turn, will help students prepare for and negotiate college, and leave with degrees in hand.

-Lilly Golden, Examville Blog Contributor

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It used to be that single mothers without family support were largely on their own to cover a myriad of costs associated with raising children alone. But that has gradually changed over the years, more so with the advent of the Internet and social media both of which have opened many doors of opportunity to single mothers looking for grants and other assistance to help ease the financial burden.
For many single mothers, leaving their babies with someone else while they go off to work is a difficult thing to do. For these mothers, leaving their children behind to go off and serve in the military is unthinkable. But in the long run, it can actually be a responsible choice for you and your family. If you ever dreamed of having a career in the military, there is no need to let being a single mother hold you back.Government give technology grants to individuals who save the lives of children in need. Get it now!!
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The following programs are not strictly meant for single mothers. Assistance is provided to anyone who intends to attend college but is unable to do so on account of financial constraints.

Federal Pell Grant has been designed to encourage people with financial constraints to get their college degree and move on to lead better lives. A single mom can apply for this grant since it may help her get a college degree. Single moms who are enrolled in postgraduate programs that will help them obtain a teacher certification may also be eligible to apply for the Federal Pell Grant. The students receive a check on a regular basis to help them fund their education.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is offered to undergraduates in dire financial need. Federal Pell Grant recipients are generally given priority over other applicants.

Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) is meant for eligible students who have already enrolled full-time in school and are in their first or second year of academic study.

Federal Perkins Loans is a direct loan that is granted by the government to students enrolled in schools either full-time or part-time. Unlike grants, these loans need to be repaid by the students to the schools participating in the Federal Perkins loans program. A nominal rate of interest is charged on the student loans and the terms of repayment are favorable to the borrower.

A single mother has the enormous responsibility of fending for her family. The task, though formidable, is not insurmountable. Financial aid programs for single mothers can help a woman work towards becoming self-reliant. A college education can go a long way in helping a woman become financially independent.